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Viatcheslav Plotnikov

Viatcheslav Plotnikov has known since he was a young boy that he wished to pursue a professional career in the arts and has always been sustained by an intense desire to progress and by an unshakeable will to perfect his work. Brought up in Russia, in the days of the Soviet Union, Plotnikov undertook several years of study at the Surikov Institute of Art, during which he reproduced many of the canvases of the great masters on show in the Russian Museum of St Petersburg and at the Hermitage. During his education, the Soviet Union was effectively sealed off from Western Europe but the Master of the Surikov Institute, Professor Ilia Glasunov, was one of the few Russians able to cross international frontiers. He offered to a restricted number of pupils the precious opportunity to travel throughout Europe, like those who made the `Grand Tour` in the Eighteenth Century. Plotnikov particularly valued these opportunities to travel in Europe, not least because the light itself in Mediterranean countries is so different to that of the Russian environment that it provided him with an entirely new perspective on his work. Plotnikov travelled to Spain, where he met King Juan Carlos, and in 1987 he was also one of the fortunate pupils who were able to visit Capri, Naples, Florence, Venice and Rome, where he took part in a Papal audience. In Rome, he found what he describes as the "perfect converging of pure light and thousands of years of history" and his destiny as a painter was sealed. The attraction worked by the beauty of the city was magnetic. Plotnikov is now based in southern Europe and is principally a figurative artist, but in his still life studies and landscapes the practice and studies he made in his youth of the canvases of the Great Masters can clearly be identified.

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