Europae, 1584-1612 by Abraham Ortelius


Europae, 1584-1612


Abraham Ortelius

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Abraham Ortel, known as Ortelius, is considered one of the greatest cartographers of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. “Europae” is a finely engraved map which illustrates the entirety of Europe and clearly identifying the main geographical elements and divisions between the countries. This decorative map has a distinctly modest cartouche surrounding the title which shows Zeus in the form of a placid bull and Europa, a Goddess from Greek mythology associated with the continent of Europe. Both the bull and Europa are gazing towards Europe and this suggests that they are curious about its future. “Europae” is one in a series of maps which were collectively published in 1570 as part of Ortelius’s atlas entitled “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”. This was the first time that an atlas, a collection of maps, were published together in uniform size and style and this resulted in the publication of numerous editions in several languages until 1617.