Ferry Boats, 1960 by L.S. Lowry


Ferry Boats, 1960


L.S. Lowry

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Lowry’s fascination with the sea is well documented and upon retiring in the 1950s he began to spend more time in the North East of England, often staying at the Seaburn Hotel in Sunderland, not far from South Shields. Here Lowry could explore his passion of seascapes. ‘Ferry Boats’ was painted in 1960 and mixes Lowry’s famous industrial crowds with a seascape. Lowry used the subject of the sea to examine the human condition, sometimes reflecting the insignificance of man. The sea gave Lowry ample opportunity to work with his beloved white paint where the preponderant white sky met the edge of the sea fusing into infinity. The perspective of this painting draws the viewer into the seas horizon and forces contemplation. Lowry himself explained: “It’s the battle of life – the turbulence of the sea – and life’s pretty turbulent, isn’t it? I am very fond of the sea; how wonderful it is, yet how terrible it is. But I often think…what if it suddenly changed its mind and didn’t turn the tide? And came straight on? If it didn’t stop and came on and on and on. That would be the end of it all.”