English and Australian Cricketers by I.F. Weedon


English and Australian Cricketers


I.F. Weedon

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This historic reproduction depicts the great match between England and Australia at Lord’s Cricket Ground on the 19th, 20th and 21st July 1886. England won the games by an innings and 106 runs. The England team featured the great cricketer W G Grace and the Australian team “the Demon” F R Spofforth, Australia’s first true fast bowler, who was feared by batsmen around the world and who was the first bowler to clinch a Test hat-trick; he also took a remarkable 14 wickets for 19 runs in a Test against England in 1882. England won the toss and elected to bat; they achieved a score of 353 in their first innings, thanks mainly to an innings of 164 by Arthur Shrewsbury, who captained England on three tours of Australia. Australia were then skittled twice, for 121 in their first innings and for 126 in their second innings, thanks mainly to the effort of J Briggs, who collected 11 wickets in the match for 74 runs. England eventually won the Test series 3-). Interestingly, in 1886, only four balls were bowled per over.