Falaises et Voiliers a Pourville by Claude Monet


Falaises et Voiliers a Pourville


Claude Monet

Ref GM2240
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 30" x 20" (76 x 50 cm)
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In 1882 Claude Monet spent two highly productive periods at Pourville on the Normandy coast, from early February to early April and then again from mid-June to early October. He was immensely delighted with the region and its extreme beauty. Monet was particularly passionate about the sea, he channelled his enthusiasm directly into painting, working on as many as eight separate canvases in one day, and producing about one hundred pictures in total during his stay. These works were immensely successful, both with critics and with collectors. Monet's dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, purchased paintings from him both in April and October of 1882, paying him over 31,000 francs. ‘Falaises et Voiliers a Pourville’ depicts the Pointe de l'Ailly at Pourville, a vantage which Monet painted repeatedly that year. It shows the coast line and cliffs with boats in the sea which implicates humans in the scene. Even the immediacy of his forms and the physicality of his touch allow one to sense Monet's presence in the picture and thus that of an individual standing on this site as a surrogate for the viewer.