Dirty Dogs Of Paris I by Boris O'Klein


Dirty Dogs Of Paris I


Boris O'Klein

Ref GM2854
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 6" (50 x 15 cm)
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The series ‘Dirty Dogs of Paris’ depicts O’Kleins two main themes of art; public urination and male-female flirtation or desire. O’ Klein spent hours watching the stray dogs in the streets of Paris outside his studio and realized that their personalities weren’t all that different from people and was inspired to create the cartoons. The numerous scenes by O'Klein of dogs lined up against walls or beside trees to urinate are part of what gives the prints their offensive appeal for some viewers. In other images, a number of male dogs will follow a female dog with an air of evident interest. The dog cartoons were just a lark for O’Klein, his real passion was painting hunting and wilderness scenes. He realized the money making potential of the Dirty Dogs, and supplied a series of etchings to gift shops and galleries all over Paris and they became hugely popular.