East Indian Plants II by Nathaniel Wallich


East Indian Plants II


Nathaniel Wallich

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In an age of natural discovery and exploration, Wallich is renowned for the light his work shed on the plant life of Asia and on the assistance he provided to others in his field. In 1817, Wallich was appointed Superintendent of the East India Company's Botanical Garden at Calcutta. There he prepared a catalogue of more than 20,000 specimens and, with their patronage, he published two major works on the plants of the region, <i>Tentamen Flora Nepalensis Illustratae</i> (two volumes published between 1824 and 1826) and <i>Plantae Asiaticae Rariores</i> (three volumes published between 1830 and 1832). For the latter publication, he drew on both his own collection and specimens supplied by eminent local friends like Sir Stamford Raffles, who persuaded him to travel to Singapore. In the production of original drawings, he employed renowned local artists including Vishnupersaud (or Vishnu Prasad) and Gorachand (or Gorchand), who were employed by the Calcutta Botanic Garden. 250 copies of the book were published, of which the East India Company purchased 40. This plate comes from <i>Plantae Asiaticae Rariores</i> (subtitled “Descriptions and Figures of a Select Number of Unpublished East Indian Plants”). The book was one of the first botanical sets illustrated with lithography and the lithographic work was completed by Maxim Gauci. This particular plate is entitled <i>ormosia glauca</i>.