Exoplanet by David A Hardy




David A Hardy

Ref GM674
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 30" x 22" (76 x 56 cm)
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This is an extrasolar planet, or planet of another star many light years away. The bright star HD70642, visible with binoculars towards the constellation of Puppis, was already known to be a star like our Sun. In July 2003 a planet with twice Jupiter's mass was discovered in a nearly circular orbit at approximately half the orbital distance of Jupiter. Astronomers calculate that such an orbit allows the possibility of habitable Earth-type planets orbiting further in. David Hardy’s painting looks from the surface of an Earth-like planet towards the big Jupiter-like gas giant, with two other rocky and cratered moons in the foreground. The closer of the two moons may be volcanic, like Jupiter's moon Io, because there would be significant tidal forces in such a system of close bodies which would 'stir up' the interiors of the moons. The star HD70642 is the bright object at the bottom left of the picture with sundogs, which show that there is an atmosphere on the planet from which this view is taken. This image was 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' (APOD) on 10 July 2003.