Beauvais Tapestry by 18th Century French School


Beauvais Tapestry


18th Century French School

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Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 22" x 16" (56 x 40 cm)
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At the beginning of 18th Century the Beauvais factory in Paris, became noted for its fine tapestries. The designs, usually floral were especially fashionable in finely woven silk, as illustrated in this particular image. Its popularity lead to supplying the Royal Court of Louis XIV King of France with its vast tapestries, which continued to future monarchs.The great period of Beauvais tapestry begins with the arrival of Jean-Baptiste Oudry French in 22 July 1726. A Rococo painter, engraver, and tapestry designer particularly well known for his naturalistic pictures of animals and his hunt pieces depicting game. For the first time the manufacture of tapestries became directed by an artist. This period of intense activity allowed The Beauvais Tapestries to generate interest throughout the world, catching the attention of foreign Sovereigns who were eager to obtain its precious and refined productions.