Cherry Trees by Breon O'Casey


Cherry Trees


Breon O'Casey

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In Breon’s own words on the subject of painting trees and flowers ‘ I see straight lines and curves, in the garden is the Tai Haku cherry tree; in the Spring a mass of white blossom tinged with pale green and pink, in the summer a pattern of sturdy green leaves, in the autumn, as the leaves turn yellow and then deep red, the whole garden is filled with a burnished golden light. Where is the need to look further? Look closely at the grim, granite walls of the house, and they are a feast of myriad colours – delicate pinks and ochre’s, a thousand different greys’. Pattern in nature interests him deeply and is mirrored in his work. The landscape of West Penwith where he has lived for fifty years has entered his work at a profound level: it’s the close observation of nature that inspires him. Today he prefers a studio with no view, leaving behind the beauty of his walled garden, orchard and the distant sea. Breon does not depict a cherry tree in the way we would recognise a cherry tree, blossomed, draping the trunk with pink soft petals. He has folded in his abstract style and colour palette of, browns, beige and greens which is an unusual yet an interesting way to depict a cherry tree that was clearly wilted or in decay when Breon chose to paint it. Breon has a wonderful eye for composition. There is a perfectly judged equilibrium about his works.