Complimentary Harmonies by Marsha Hammel


Complimentary Harmonies


Marsha Hammel

Ref GL234 C
Type Fine Art Canvas Print
Limited Edition This Limited Edition Gouttelette Canvas has been printed with lightfast inks onto fine archival-quality cotton canvas, coated with acid-free priming for permanent artwork reproduction. Limited Edition Size: 50 Certified: Yes
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Asymmetry and contrasts will create complimentary forms and tones when presented in a balanced composition resulting in pleasing harmonies. This painting was created with these ideas in mind. Contrasting elements; one large figure with multiple small figures, hot yellows and cool blues, males and females, etc., balance each other in rhythmic positive and negative spaces to create the atmosphere of a lively Big Band performance. Use of colours and balanced composition bring out the painting’s atmosphere and together with balanced composition, highlights the flowing harmonious experience. The painting offers the viewer a balanced harmony of lines and colour with ambience of the setting.