Country Road, 1925 by L.S. Lowry


Country Road, 1925


L.S. Lowry

Ref GM2067
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 15" (50 x 38 cm)
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This drawing depicts a peaceful and tranquil landscape. Lowry was particularly fond of drawing in pencil and developed a real proficiency in this medium, often using it to produce more detailed work than is seen in his oil paintings. He is recorded as saying, ‘I’m immensely fond of pencil. I like pencil to hang up in my house. I think there’s something wonderful about pencil drawing I just draw, and rub it with my fingers or anything else and then fiddle with it – I think ‘fiddle with it’ is the right term – until I get it right. Draw, then start getting tone by your finger, your pencil, India rubber of course, until it has eased up and you get it right’.