Evening Snow at the Institute of France by Edouard Cortes


Evening Snow at the Institute of France


Edouard Cortes

Ref GM2913
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 16" x 12" (40 x 30 cm)
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Celebrated as the “Parisian Poet of Painting”, Edouard Cortès was a master at capturing the vibrant energy and romantic beauty of the City of Lights, and this incredible winter scene of the Institute of France is no exception. Brilliantly rendered to express the romance and charm of old Paris through the masterful application of broad, enthusiastic brushstrokes, this important oil on canvas absolutely captivates the viewer. Cortès undeniably captures the very essence of the energetic, bustling street of Paris with a Post-Impressionistic vigor. The bold splashes of colour common to Cortès oeuvre are on display in this street scene, with the warm yellow and orange blaze of lanterns and candlelight flickering over the greys and browns of buildings and overcast sky. The dimly lit street is alive with the bustle of pedestrians and automobiles, each flitting about within the romantic Parisian setting. Through his uncanny ability to portray the very essence of his city, Cortès crafts an enduring epic poem to his love, Paris, on each and every canvas.