Flamingo In A Landscape by Jacob Bogdani


Flamingo In A Landscape


Jacob Bogdani

Ref GC410
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 30" x 24" (76 x 60 cm)
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The pictures for which Bogdani is best known and most highly regarded are the canvases usually crowded with groups of exotic wild fowl displaying all their colourful finery to optimum effect. His ornithological knowledge is unsurpassed. His skills were seen to greatest effect in the last decade of the 1600's and first decade of the 1700's and we marvel at both the wide range of species he painted and the extent of knowledge he displays in the detail of their plumage. His son in law, and also his pupil, Tobias Stranover, was also extremely successful as a bird painter in his own right. One of his most important patrons was Admiral George Churchill, The Duke of Marlborough's brother, whose famous Windsor Aviary might have provided subjects for some of his works. A number of the pictures painted for George Churchill are now in The Royal Collection having been acquired by Queen Anne after his death in 1710.