John Morgan


Artist Biography:

John Morgan was born in Pentonville, London in 1822. After spending time as an apprentice to a business which designed frames and furniture for Gillow, Jackson and Graham, he studied at the School of Design at Somerset House, before a period in Paris as a pupil of Thomas Couture and Paul Delaroche. Morgan moved to Aylesbury at some point in the 1850s, and is described in the 1861 census as an “artist subject painter in oils”. His time in Aylesbury was most productive, and he produced at least three paintings depicting local scenes, including The Jury and The Country Auction. Morgan suffered from respiratory problems, and spent much of the late 1860s looking for a home that would ease his condition. He eventually settled on Guildford; while his chest continued to trouble him, he continued to achieve success in his career, exhibiting regularly at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Society for British Artists, of which he was elected a member in 1875. In 1882 Morgan moved again to Hastings, where he died in 1885. His studio sale was held at Christie’s on 1 March 1887.

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