Frederick Childe Hassam


Artist Biography:

Frederick Hassam was an American impressionist of the highest calibre. He is frequently referred to as just Childe Hassam. His reputation was such that Albert Gallatin declared that "Childe Hassam is beyond any doubt the greatest exponent of impressionism in America." Hassam was born in Massachusetts in 1859. His early career was spent as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers. In the 1870s he began painting full-time, and his early paintings were mainly water-colours. In the early 1880s he toured Europe, dividing his time between the study of early masters and the painting of water-colour landscapes. He returned to the USA and exhibited a large range of water-colours. On his return to Europe in 1886 he broadened his artistic style and media. He lived in Paris and the first signs of his impressionist technique began to develop. For three years he was inspired by the Paris art world, and on his return to the United States his impressionist art inspired many of his contemporaries. His reputation grew with his age and he died in 1935.

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