Reuben Ward Binks


Artist Biography:

Reuben Ward Binks, who lived from 1880 until 1950, showed from an early age a great interest in the visual arts. He studied under George Perkins and soon became known for his animal paintings and, in particular, for his treatment of dogs. His talent rapidly brought him to the attention of the animal-loving landed gentry and, with the particular support of The Countess of Howe, he was able to establish himself as a successful animal artist. Binks worked mostly in watercolour and his paintings were acquired by, amongst others, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and King George V. He travelled a great deal and worked for Marahaja Dhiraj of Patiala during a successful tour of India. He also visited the United States, where he painted over 200 watercolour portraits of the dogs of Mrs Geraldine R. Dodge.

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