Marcel Dyf


Artist Biography:

Marcel Dyf was born in Paris in October 1899. He had originally studied the sciences but he soon developed a taste for art, and by the age of 23 had decided to devote himself entirely to painting. He learnt to draw at the studio Lauren, where he became interested in the style of Renoir and Van Gogh. He held many successful exhibitions in Paris. After one at Drousant, the Minister of Beaux Arts bought several of Marcel Dyf’s pictures and later commissioned other large canvasses for the Museum of Arles and various Town Halls and public buildings. In 1950 the Carnegie Foundation invited Marcel Dyf to submit a painting, as one of fifty leading French Artists, to the National Institute. The picture he sent was later acquired by the Foundation. Dyf achieved an international reputation and his work is sought after by the most discerning connoisseurs, appearing in private and public collections around the world. The girl figuring in so many of his compositions was his wife. Marcel Dyf died on 14th September 1985.

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