Thierry Poncelet


Artist Biography:

Thierry Poncelet was born in Brussels, in 1946. At a young age, his grandmother, who was a well-known portrait painter, encouraged him to paint and draw. After his education, he spent a few years working for a picture restorer at the studio of a well-known painter, Max Massot. During this time, he learnt the technique of painting restoration. However, his love for painting soon outgrew his interest in restoration, and he decided to become a full-time oil painter, specialising particularly in whimsical dog portraits. The first "Aristochien", as he calls his portraits, come about when Poncelet was repairing an antique portrait for an art dealer. Bored by the ugly and unexpressive face of the Lady, he substituted his own golden cocker's head for the lady's. When the dealer saw it, instead of being outraged, he commissioned more. "My dog portraits are a combination of my two most favourite things in the world - ancestral portraits, which I collect, and dogs" said the artist. His dogs seems to embody human personalities - whether transformed into prim Victorian spinsters or raffish military officers. Thierry Poncelet's dogs' gallery portrays an extended panorama of the eighteenth and nineteenth century society, from grand dames to governess, tycoons to courtesans. Thierry Poncelet has become an extremely successful artist, and his paintings are sought after throughout the world. His unique portraits have been exhibited at many leading galleries in Milan, Paris, London and New York. His exhibitions have delighted the art and dog worlds and, over the years, Thierry Poncelet's unique art has gained international fame. Though some perceive his work as a social satire, Thierry Poncelet's true magic is not to mock humans, but "to give dogs humanity".

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