Sean Aherne


Artist Biography:

Born in 1952, Sean Aherne was brought up and educated in Leicester, where his art tutor recognised his artistic skills and prompted him to pursue a career in this field. Apart from an art training at secondary school, Sean Aherne is an entirely self-taught artist who has found inspiration in the works of old masters such as Munnings and Ferneley. Sean Aherne works in a variety of media in order to investigate different textures through painting in acrylic on wood, depicting antique teddy bears, dogs, pigs and a variety of other much-loved animals. Initially, Sean Aherne designed and painted antique furniture and his interest later developed into the making of prints. Over the past twenty years, Sean Aherne has taken a number of commissions internationally, using a diversity of materials, and this has enabled him to develop his passion for linking texture with the painting of antiques.

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