Alan Maley


Artist Biography:

Alan Maley is an internationally acclaimed artist, best known and highly regarded for his sensitive interpretation of life at the turn of the century. His romantic images allow the viewer to step back in time and enjoy that more genteel era when life moved at a more leisurely pace. Stimulating activities and everyday events are beautifully interwoven with historic locales to create intriguing vignettes of people and places in absorbing and romantic scenes of the late 19th century. Born and raised in England, Alan Maley was privileged to have come from an artistic and talented family which recognised his abilities at a very young age. He first chose the glittering world of movies and quickly distinguished himself as one of the foremost artists in the motion picture industry, where his works appeared in many of the best known and most beloved movies of our time. His celebrated motion picture career was crowned by his peers when he was awarded an Oscar for his visual effects in the Walt Disney production of "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". While busily involved in the movie industry, Alan Maley found time to devote to his own paintings, gaining inspiration for his subject of choice, the turn of the century, from researching motion pictures set in that period. In May 1995, the world lost a gifted artist when Alan Maley passed away suddenly at the age of 64.

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