Julie Lavender


Artist Biography:

Julie Lavender was born and brought up on the south coast of England but travelled a great deal in her childhood with her parents, particularly in the Middle East. She also lived in Nigeria between the ages of 8 and 11. Inspired to take up an artistic career by her mother, who was a talented amateur artist, Julie Lavender completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design in the United Kingdom before undertaking a degree course in Printed Textiles. Subsequent to receiving her degree, she then worked as a freelance print designer in Brighton. Julie Lavender works principally on mixed media collages and montages, often utilising torn and cut papers, pressed flowers and other three-dimensional objects. She also paints in watercolour and gouache. She now makes a living as a design consultant for the gift trade and as a freelance designer of stationery products, including greetings cards and fine art prints. Julie Lavender is married and has one son.

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