Artist Biography:

Stiles was born and raised in a small town called Rodman, located in upstate New York. The early support and belief in her ability that came from her family was the driving force behind the pursuit of her dream to become an artist. Now known only as ‘Stiles’, she followed the road that her creative childhood paved to Syracuse University, where she studied fine art. While there, the artist discovered one of her greatest influences in Professor Jerome Whitkin, a figurative painter who contributed greatly to her vision. Additionally, Stiles reflects on the master artists and artwork form the Baroque Period as added inspiration for her own work. The innovation in dramatic lighting and the play of light and shadow by such artists as Rembrandt and Caravaggio are fascinating to Stiles. “Lighting and Figures are amazing subjects of focus’ says the artist. The more ambitious and detailed a piece of artwork is, the more she is intrigued by its mystery. Stiles’ own work is best described as elegant and classic. There is a charmingly antiquated quality about her work that captures a moment and portrays it in its purest state. From richly-coloured and gracefully depicted floral arrangements to poised portraits of memorable pets, the artist’s style is conducive to a number of subjects. Her designs are diverse, well rounded and always inventive, but the inimitable qualities of charisma and composure remain. Stiles plans to pursue her master’s degree in painting and drawing in the near future. She also hopes at some point in her career to teach figurative drawing and painting at an accomplished university.

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