Francis Campbell Cadell


Artist Biography:

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell was a Scottish Colourist painter renowned both for his depictions of the elegant life in his native Edinburgh and for his work on Iona. He was born in Edinburgh in 1883 and from the age of 16 he studied in Paris at the Academie Julian where he was in contact with the French avant-garde artists of the day. His exposure to work by the early Fauvists, and in particular Matisse, proved to be his most lasting influence. He was a left handed painter and because he lived and worked in Edinburgh for most of his life, he did not have a great deal of connection with new ideas that were being developed abroad. He is particularly noted for his portraits of glamorous women, whom he painted in a loose, impressionistic manner, depicting his subject with vibrant waves of colour. Iona he absolutely adored and he spent several summers there with Samuel Peploe, another Scottish Colourist. Sadly, he died in poverty on the 6th December 1937 because he had found it difficult to sell paintings during the economic climate of the previous 10 years.

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