Suze Adams


Artist Biography:

Suze Adams was born in Bath in the late 1950s and grew up in the United Kingdom. She has always expressed herself visually and remembers taking over the dining table in her parents' home with her paints and paper at a very early age! She took a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and is also completing an MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking. She names Sir Terry Frost as an artist who has been a particular inspiration to her, on the grounds that "looking at his work has given me the courage to be brave with shape and colour". Against this background, she describes her own paintings as "abstract colourworks based in the landscape and nature" and creates her art using various techniques including innovative methods of her own, often incorporating collage or mixed media. Away from the art world, Suze Adams is fascinated by history and archaeology, especially in relation to the scars and remains that are left in the landscape. Her relationship with the landscape informs much of her work, especially in terms of the colours and shapes of the environment as they change over the seasons. Once in the studio, the process and materials she uses allow the image to develop over time. She has definite ideas and intentions when starting each piece, but the finished image often differs greatly from the one in her imagination due to discoveries she makes during the formation of each individual subject. She likes to keep the possibilities for each image as open as she can at all times. Suze Adams has exhibited all over the United Kingdom and she has recently received an "Architecture Award" for a piece of work suitable for a large architectural space.

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