Harry Caunce


Artist Biography:

Harry Caunce was born during the Second World War and brought up in a little village in the north of England. He did study drawing at school but his cartoon style is self taught, inspired in part by the work of Roland Emett, whose illustrations appeared frequently in “Punch” magazine, and also by Heath Robinson. Now, Harry Caunce generally creates his artwork by beginning with a pencil sketch, working up the concept in watercolour and then completing the design and its outlines in black ink. After completing his education, he worked in industry and later in retailing. However, in 1992 he decided to put these more conventional careers behind him and returned to his first love: painting. He now describes himself as “a public artist” and, indeed, paints landscapes of the dales and fells of northern England in his local town centre at the weekend. He also concentrates particularly on the creation of cartoons, including perhaps his best-known character, “Basil the Cat”. Away from the easel, Harry Caunce’s great love is walking in the fells that surround his home.

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