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The festive vitality and dazzling colour of Latin America is brilliantly alive in the works of Dysart. Realistic renderings of rare birds and exotic flowers or vines ripe with fruit serve as a textural backdrop for the lithe Picassoesque figures she executes in striking colours and bold lines. Reminiscent of the painting of Diego Rivera or the strong "colour captured in line" quality of the work of Guillermo Porras, the imagery of Dysart explodes with exoticism. Born in the west of the United States on 1 January 1980, Dysart has since lived in many cities in America. Art for Dysart is primarily an expression of her personal world view, a social commentary where the people and things around her are abstracted into line and colour and translated into an expression of vibrant beauty. "Art is a kind of personal therapy", the artist explains. "It's an outlet, a daily visual diary." Although largely self-taught, Dysart developed her talents doing murals and illustrations, drawing her inspiration from nature and personal experiences, as well as from the work of artist Pat Stier and the French Impressionist Renoir. She enjoys using acrylics in a realistic style, but is equally at home with the light and colour of the impressionists or the chaotic excitement of abstract expressionism. Dysart sums it up best, using the words of poet Robert Frost, when she says: "If you question anything, question your limits."

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