Artist Biography:

The artist Winchester recalls being captivated at an early age by the detailed illustrations he saw in the religious stories read to him by his parents. The intense narrative power inherent in those images and the depth of feeling conveyed in colour and line is something that he will always remember and strives for in his own work to this day. It is this love of narrative in art that led the artist to explore the bold story-telling and vibrant use of colour in the works of master illustrators like N C Wyeth, Howard Pyle and Carl Bloch, and ultimately led him to record his own experiences in paint on canvas. A native of Arizona, Winchester spent part of his childhood in Missouri and Utah, then returned to his home in the desert. After high school, he attended university in Utah where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration with a special emphasis on traditional painting and figure drawing. Whether the artist turns his hand to an intricate landscape or decorative panels alive with subtle gradations of colour, there is always attention given to fine details and his classical training is apparent in his understanding of composition and precision drawing. When he is not creating art from the world around him, Winchester spends his time caring for his small family or tinkering around the house, constantly building new things, rearranging a room or working in the yard. “I find joy in bettering the things I have”, the artist explains. Spare time, late at night, is spent painting landscapes or working on story-telling illustrations. “My personal philosophy of art is simple”, Winchester elaborates. “I love to explore and see how other artists explore the endless possibilities… how they convey ideas, stories and emotions. Good art for me is art that tells me something about myself.”

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