Artist Biography:

Born in a small village in Poland, the artist Georgie grew up surrounded by lush pine forests and extraordinary vistas rich with pastoral charm. “I think that our place of birth strongly influences the course of our lives,” the artist explains. “From childhood on, I was very sensitive to the beauty of nature. The most precious conviction I carry with me from that time is the belief that all we have, we must work for... like the farmer who must first sow, then reap the harvest.” Georgie first sowed the seeds of her creativity at the Visual Arts College in Kolo, Poland, garnering a degree in Exhibit and Display Design. She has a great love of classical style and spent much of her time visiting museums, indulging in what she calls “a magnificent lesson in history and art history.” She has found inspiration in many of the master works that she has seen while on these visits, but unequivocally states that Leonardo da Vinci is her favorite artist. “I admire his awe-inspiring work, but foremost I admire him for his diversity and genius. I am most inspired by people who are multi-talented and do not limit themselves to one area.” A great lover of books, Georgie feels a bond with artist-writer William Wharton because they are both expatriates living abroad, she a Polish woman living in America and he an American living in France. She feels that Wharton’s convictions greatly resemble her own and aspires to follow a path that is similar to his. Although she dreams of visiting Italy and Provence, Poland and the village where she grew up will always occupy a special place in Georgie’s heart. “It is the first place I return to and each time, I find something new. During my last vacation in Poland, I discovered a beautiful Eleventh Century church. It’s only five miles from where my parents live, but only then did I discover it.” When she is not painting and enjoying classical art, artist Georgie’s favorite pastime is gardening. She is drawn to nature and enjoys skiing or hiking the forests and mountains. Georgie explains her love of nature and how it has influenced her when she says: “A closeness to nature, ever changing, inspires my work and is a constantly reappearing theme in my paintings.”

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