William Meijer


Artist Biography:

William Meijer is “a modern-day storyteller on a voyage beyond horizons of space and time”. Born in the renowned Dutch city of Arnhem in 1962, in the lands of the great Dutch and Flemish masters of the 16th and 17th century, William Meijer discovered his ability to draw and paint at an early age. After his education, Meijer joined the Royal Netherlands Navy, where he rose to the rank of Commander. In the early 1990s he began to pursue a career as an artist and he has since exhibited his paintings throughout the Netherlands and received many private commissions. A self-taught artist, Meijer’s studies of the Great Masters’ painting techniques is evident in much of his work; he has created a distinctive style, which unites tradition and modern realities. He is dedicated to recreating powerful historical figures with emotion, painting them as they would appear in front of his easel, if he could bridge the gap in time. Meticulous historical research into personality, physical appearance, uniform and accoutrements is combined with contemporary colour, light and composition to recreate the sitter in his or her very essence. Therefore, it is often months between initial concept and when the first brush, loaded with paint, touches the canvas. Without question, Meijer’s background in the Royal Netherlands Navy has influenced his artistic career and he has used his vast naval knowledge to illustrate commemorative books and design a coat of arms for the Royal Netherlands Defence College. A recent portrait of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson KB was accepted by the Royal Navy to play a prominent part in the Trafalgar 200 festivities.

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