Anne Gerarts


Artist Biography:

Anne Gerarts was born in Verbiers, Belgium, in 1956, where she also grew up. As a child her parents went every weekend to the countryside, where they had a small cabin. Anne Gerarts enjoyed a very happy childhood there, playing in the surrounding woods and forests, and these in turn have inspired much of her subsequent artistic work. As an artist she is self-taught. She loved to draw at a very young age but she studied instead to become a teacher of Physical Education. After five years teaching she began to travel and then she spent three years at art school in Brussels to learn techniques including marbling and painting trompe l’oeils. Artists she cites as being particularly inspiring are Michel Delacroix, Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet. She also collects naïve postcards from around the world. Anne Gerarts paints principally in watercolour and oil for her naïve creations and in acrylics for her trompe l’oeils and decorative projects. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe. She describes her hobbies as “sport in the mountains and under the sea and bicycling between the both!”.

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