Peter Lilja


Artist Biography:

Peter Lilja is a full-time photographer and writer specialising in wildlife and nature. Birds and animals are often the subjects of his photographs but plants and landscapes also inspire him. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his photography including The Swedish Nature Photographers and Kodak Award in 1996. He is now a member of The Swedish Nature Photographers Association. In 2002, Peter Lilja was awarded first prize out of 18,500 photographs from 60 countries in the category 'In Praise of Plants' in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which is a world-renowned competition organized by the BBC Magazine and the Natural History Museum, London. In the same year and in the same category, he also received a Highly Commended award. In 2005, the photographer won first prize again in the competition in the category 'From Dusk to Dawn' with an image from Namibia, which depicted a zebra and an evening sky. In 2006, Peter Lilja received two Highly Commended awards in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. More recently, Peter Lilja is one of the contributing photographers in the project 'Wild Wonders of Europe', for which he has photographed spring flowers and plants on the islands of Crete and Cyprus. Photography has taken Peter Lilja all over the world and he has visited many countries including the Falkland Islands, Japan, Madagascar, Kenya, Costa Rica, and the USA.

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