Staffan Widstrand


Artist Biography:

Staffan Widstrand has been garlanded with awards throughout his career. He is a ten-fold prizewinner in the “BBC Wildlife/BG/Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition; he was “Nature Photographer of the Year” in Sweden in 2002, has been a four-fold prizewinner in the German “Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres” competition, National Geographic Explorer and a Nikon Ambassador. Staffan Widstrand was born in Uppsala in Sweden in 1959 and grew up in the town, and also in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. The two years he spent in Tanzania between the ages of 6 and 8 influenced him enormously; his world became “so much bigger, and far away turned not so far away. My interest in photography was fired up by the National Geographic being available in our home. That bred wanderlust and fascination about photography”. He has been a professional photographer and writer since 1985 and is a founding Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He is also one of the Directors of the Pan-European photography initiative, “Wild Wonders of Europe”, the largest ever nature photography project in the world. He is the author and photographer of five books, including “Eco-touring – The Ultimate Guide”; “The Big Five”, a reportage book on the five large carnivores of Scandinavia; and “Ajunngilaq – Arctic Moments”, a book on man and the Arctic today. He speaks Spanish, French and German as well as English and Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, and can also communicate in Italian and Portuguese. His lectures on Ecotourism, Carnivores, the Arctic and Conservation travels have taken him around the world, from Uganda to Lithuania and from the Antarctic to Barbados. He describes his artwork in two ways: firstly, “realistic photo-documentary” and secondly “non-descriptive, non-figurative shapes, forms and colours; playing with graphic elements just for visual pleasure”. Staffan Widstrand is extremely proud of his two young daughters, both of whom are already award-winning photographers.

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