Sasha Blake


Artist Biography:

Sasha Blake was born in Kent in 1980 and is now based in London. She trained in textiles but now works principally in printmaking and graphic design within an East London studio. She describes her work as “cutting edge, with a strong sense of contemporary interior design”. Her recent collections are strongly identifiable through their use of floral motifs, elements of nature and the use of traditional patterns but with a sharp contemporary twist. During her early work with design agencies, Sasha Blake developed a strong sense of colour and trends and she carefully studies the predictions for colours, tones and styles for future seasons. The next creative development around the corner is always a concern to her, which ensures that her work is generally ahead of the field, whilst incorporating a more timeless quality too. Sasha Blake loves to travel and invests a great deal of her spare time in supporting local projects and artists. She lives in a thriving and multicultural community in London, where she is keen to help sustain a healthy local artistic life.

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