John Harper


Artist Biography:

John Harper’s love of nature was stimulated as a very young boy when he walked his dog, Jackie, a wire-haired fox terrier, through the forests of the Hampshire countryside. Today he continues walking in the hills and on the local beaches for inspiration, but now with Jack, his second fox terrier. He pursued an early interest in art at the University of London, where he studied History of Art. His main enthusiasm was for Rembrandt and his exploration of light, but he also enjoyed studying the Impressionists and modern exploratory artists like Gauguin, Van Gogh and Hodgkin. Colour, light and form are important in John Harper's artistic vision and this is what drives him to produce photographic works which are pleasing and soothing on the eye. Today he travels the world looking for new subjects and inspiration. His recent passion is for the Lake District, where he loves to watch the play of light and moonlight on the water.

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