Bobbie Goodrich


Artist Biography:

As a young adult, Bobbie Goodrich studied classical ballet and later her interest shifted to the visual arts. She married, had a son, and during these years studied drawing and painting. Later, as she became more serious about a career in the Arts, she enrolled in various creative workshops. In 1990, after divorcing and moving to Colorado, she began to exhibit her paintings, generally depicting views of the American West. Needing photographic reference for her inspiration, she began to photograph her subjects as well. At her first show, she exhibited her paintings accompanied by the photographic references, and quickly discovered that it was in fact her photography which received particular attention and praise and which was thereafter to become her focus. Satisfying her love of travel, Bobbie Goodrich set out on a worldwide journey of exploration, documenting her experiences in Third World countries. She has frequently been praised for the “painterly” quality of her photographs and this encouraged her to delve deeper into the skills and tricks of fine art photography. She now uses 35mm digital cameras and, taking her images into the digital darkroom, she imposes creative techniques she has developed using Adobe Photoshop software, thus fusing technology and photography to create the ultimate fine art image. Bobbie Goodrich lives in America, dividing her time between Arizona and Colorado.

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