Andreas Stridsberg


Artist Biography:

Andreas Stridsberg was born in Sweden in 1975 and he still lives in the house in which he grew up, which he purchased from his father some years ago. As a child, the furthest he travelled was on holidays in his parents’ caravan, which he says probably explains my love of travelling abroad today... and my hate for caravans!. His photographic skills are entirely self-taught. He comments: I might have glanced at a tutorial once or twice but my philosophy is that, when you love doing something as much as I love photography, then the only natural way to go is by trial and error. That’s how you learn the most and how you also manage to get all that you learn to stick. In his photographic career, he is inspired by every aspect of life; something he sees on the TV, in a magazine, whilst out walking his dog or whilst admiring beautiful landscapes. When he first began to take photographs, he used to like to manipulate his images with Photoshop, but as he has become busier and busier he now uses Photoshop less and less and applies instead his knowledge and experience in the different techniques of photography to produce different styles of result. By getting this knowledge, I have also come to learn that there is nothing more fun or rewarding than getting that perfect shot straight away, without having to apply any digital magic to it. Andreas Stridsberg is not a full time professional photographer but photography is his passion. He is married, and his favourite photographs are those he has taken of his young son Liam. He also loves to travel and to think of exciting new projects to inspire his continuing passion for art and photography.

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