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"I’m constantly looking for inspiration for my work. I tend to find inspiration in the day-to-day things and activities that others would normally take for granted." Whether he is studying the great "narrative" artists from the golden age of illustration at the turn of the twentieth century or painting his own abstract expressionist view of a cityscape in vibrant tones of silver and greys, Dominick is always searching for diversity and excitement in his creative work. "I like to experiment with different styles and incorporate them into my artwork," Dominick explains. "I feel that having an understanding of many different styles and techniques will make me a better, well-rounded artist." Born in Columbia, USA, Dominick spent his childhood near to the shoreline. He fondly remembers the sounds of the sea and the dazzling colours of aquatic life, which he now tries to recapture and reinterpret in his paintings. He relies on the beauty of nature as a valuable source of creative ideas. Nowadays, he especially enjoys spending time in the mountains. When he is not making art, Dominick likes to stay active by snowboarding and exercising to stay in shape. He also likes to stay abreast of the latest technological advances and finds himself fascinated by digital cameras, MP3 players or any new electronic innovation.

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