Petrus Bertius


Artist Biography:

The Dutch cartographer Petrus Bertius was born in 1565 and grew up in Beveren in Flanders. As a young man he travelled widely in Europe and, to escape from the religious persecution of the still-fledgling Protestant movement, moved to Amsterdam as a refugee. After completing his education in the city, he was appointed a professor of mathematics and a librarian at Leyden University. He wrote prolifically on history, theology and mathematics, but is principally known as a cartographer for the editions he published of Ptolemy’s Geographia, which were based on Mercator’s edition of 1578 and published between 1618 and 1619. It was in these volumes in which his famous map of Japan was included. From 1618 Bertius moved to Paris, where he became Official Cosmographer to King Louis XIII. He died in 1629.

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