Frederik De Wit


Artist Biography:

Frederick de Wit was born in 1630 and was one of the most successful and prominent map engravers and publishers in Amsterdam. The first great flowering of Dutch mapmaking was inspired by Blaeu and Jansson at the turn of the seventeenth century and de Wit acquired many of the copper plates used by these great cartographers when they were subsequently dispersed at auction. As a publisher, his work covered many different styles of mapmaking, including world atlases, local Dutch atlases, sea charts and town plans. His publications were notable for the beauty of their engraving and colouring, and were reissued many times by other publishers after his death. His atlas, Sive Descriptio Terrarum Orbis, also known as his Atlas Maior, was published between 1670 and 1707 and most of his greatest maps were included within these covers, later adapted and amended as new discoveries came to light. Frederick de Wit died in 1706.

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