Jean Baptiste Nolin


Artist Biography:

The Nolin family were father and son mapmakers, based in Paris. Jean Baptiste Nolin, the father, was born in approximately 1657 and died in 1708. His son shared exactly the same name and lived from 1686 to 1762. The father established a family publishing business in Paris in Rue St Jacques. Initially he engraved and sold a wide variety of maps on some of which he falsely claimed to hold the titles Engraver to the King or Geographer to the Duke of Orleans and he was later convicted, after complaints, of plagiarism. However, the business was a success and continued to flourish. Many of the first JB Nolin’s maps were based on the work of the Italian cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli and a French geographer, Sieur de Tillemon. His most notable work was his World Map of 1696. Nolin’s son continued the business for many years after his father’s death. He prepared an Atlas Générale, which was published after his death in 1783, as were other maps from the family’s collection. Between 1720 and 1756, he also published a series of maps of the Continents in various editions.

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