Alistair Forbes


Artist Biography:

Alistair Forbes was born in Perthshire, Scotland in 1958. Inspired by the surrounding beauty of the Highlands he began drawing and painting at an early age and made numerous studies of the Firths of Tay and Dornoch. During his teenage years it was obvious that he was destined for an artistic career and, going to university in England the mid 1990s to take his Arts degree, he was able to combine the traditional skills of painting and drawing which he had honed throughout his childhood, with the technical skills and training which were increasingly becoming a part of art education at that time. He continued to draw from life but developed a growing interest in all forms of design and experimented with different media. For a while, Forbes considered a career in architecture but realised that his true calling was in the graphic arts. Forbes now lives on the south coast of England, working from a room overlooking his wildly eccentric seaside garden of grasses and wild flowers. He finds inspiration in all the arts and some of his favourite artists and designers include Henri Matisse, Textile Designer Barbara Hulanicki, Garden Designer Beth Chatto and Fine Artist Saara Tikka. He continues to paint for exhibitions and for his own enjoyment, but also illustrates books and corporate manuals as well as designing textiles.

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