Henry Grant


Artist Biography:

Henry Grant was born in 1907. He was a British freelance photographer who was active around London from just after World War II and throughout the 1970s. His work was entirely in black and white and aimed at the newspaper market. His wife, Rose Grant, was a reporter for the popular communist newspaper The Daily Worker. Their political interests influenced his frequent choice of politically and socially significant subjects. In later years, he and Rose often collaborated together in the Times Educational Supplement. Grant photographed endlessly, both for the stories he was sent to illustrate and whilst travelling between assignments. He was skilled at spotting and capturing spontaneous moments and would photograph as candidly as possible, usually by waiting for the subject to become accustomed to his and the camera's presence. His most notable photographs were taken during the construction of the Festival of Britain in the 1950s. He retired from professional life in 1980 but still continued to take photographs. In 1986, his archive of some 80,000 photographs was purchased by the Museum of London. Grant died in 2004.

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