Frederika Davis


Artist Biography:

As a child, Frederika Davis had a great interest in photographs and dance and took ballet classes from an early age. At 16 her birthday present was a 8mm cine camera with which she started filming her school, her family life and her pets. Later she photographed and filmed her extensive foreign travels. As an adult her interest in ballet was fostered by her husband, an acquaintance of Alicia Markova, and by watching dancers in the studio of Audrey de Vos where her daughter took classes. She started to photograph dancers, especially the Royal Ballet, and was very active during the 60s and 70s photographing on stage and in her own studio. A change in personal circumstances led her to retire in the mid 70s. But, in recent years with the advent of digital cameras, she has resumed her old favourite occupation and is back taking photographs of the Royal Ballet and other companies in rehearsal.

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