Sandra Jacobs


Artist Biography:

Sandra Jacobs was born in Maastricht in the very south of the Netherlands. During her childhood she already spent most of her time drawing and creating. After being graduated as a painter at the Art Academy in the late 1980’s she studied at the Jan van Eck Academy in Maastricht, a 2- years post-academic institute. She then moved to Paris for 2 years where she exhibited her paintings in various art galleries. Besides her free artwork paintings she started to work for the high fashion industry. Couturiers like Cristian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani and other fashion designers used her designs to print on their fabrics. Once back in Holland she established her own studio and started painting and designing for the interior textile market. Her designs are used for bedlinen, curtains, wallpaper, murals, and interiors. She exhibits her free art painting work in art galleries and participates in international textile fairs in Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Brussels. Her style can be described as contemporary with a poetic context. She seeks and finds inspiration from nature, dance, music, movies, poems, city’s and the world around her which is constantly in a state of movement. The phenomenon colour is an important sensitive inward emotion for her. Starting from this point of view she uses her ability of observation while painting intuitive, daydreaming, catching the fleeting moments between reality and imagination.

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