Susan Brown


Artist Biography:

Susan Brown having completed a foundation course in art and design at Huddersfield Polytechnic, graduated from the Art and Design Faculty at Leeds Polytechnic with a degree in Interior Architecture, and has from that time worked both in Interior Architecture and Fine Art. Susan's work as a painter has received recognition in the following prizes and awards – regional winner Hunting Art Prizes 1997 – 3rd prize Singer Friedlander Sunday Times 2001 – Penrose Purchase Prize Ing Discerning Eye 2005 – The Touring exhibition Prize to Connecticut Lynne Painter Stainer 2008 and in 2013 Honorary Doctorate (Arts) Leeds Metropolitan University. Susan's work has been exhibited in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh, and at many art fairs. Susan Brown has a love of architecture and a love of structure and the sources of structure found in the natural world – mathematics – form – order – these are some of the disciplines that inform her work. Over many years her work has been shaped by this love of architecture in the cities of the world, predominantly in the cities of Europe. These cities have helped shape life in the twentieth century and it remains quite fascinating seeing the changes that are shaping the twenty first – its people change, their needs change and cities like all other aspects of life, bend and shift to accommodate new thoughts and ideas. It is these cities, on the cusp of change that are held now in a moment in time in many of these paintings.

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