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Born in London in 1969, Ele has been drawn to painting since childhood. In 1991 she gained her degree in fine art painting from Loughborough College of Art. Since then she has been painting professionally, exhibiting both countrywide and internationally. Ele recently moved to the coast, a thriving seaside town close to London. With this change in geography her paintings have opened up in terms of scale and space. Living next to the sea and surrounded by the rolling hills of the South Downs has certainly left it's mark. The works over this period are filled with images of the natural world; wide open vistas and vast skies frame soaring birds and charging horses. Stars sparkle against a lush backdrop of colour and mark. Her influences include Ben Nicholson, Botticelli, and Giorgio Morandi, artists who balance the figurative and abstract qualities of painting. Her aim is simple: to produce work that feels honest, authentic and beautiful.

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