Tessa Houghton


Artist Biography:

Tessa has scribbled, sketched and painted from an early age. She studied at The Fine Art Liverpool John Moores University and after completing her degree she moved to Lancashire for a short time. In 2000 she moved to Barcelona and began to paint the sea. Tessa would describe her work as semi abstract, mainly focusing on natural landscapes. Her inspiration is taken from the places she spends the most time in ; the Catalonian coast, Pyrenees mountains and the dramatic and beautiful countryside of Northern England. Tessa tries to capture and translate a mood within her work based on limitless horizons and the ethereal qualities of light affecting landscapes and seascapes. The resulting images are ambiguous rather than definitive, liking the idea that they will trigger a memory or a sensation by being recognisable or familiar in some way as the final interpretation is left open to the viewer. Tessa likes to play with and distort perspectives so that in one moment you may feel you are soaring above the landscape yet at others you feel you are able to walk right into it. Each painting offers a different perspective and possibility; sometimes dramatic, other times hazy and subdued. The viewer is invited to respond and react to each individually. Paint and other mediums are applied in a variety of methods so that intense layers of texture contrast with areas of smooth subtlety. Whilst light and depth are key components, colour and form are simplified to capture the true essence of the subject matter. Tessas paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the UK and in various places around the world, such as Barcelona, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York.

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