Artist Biography:

Tanuki Studio was founded in New York City in 1989 by President / Director Hitomi Takahashi. Ms. Takahashi was born and raised in Tsuruoka, Japan and spent time living and working in both Tokyo and Europe. After moving to New York City, Hitomi went to school and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Hitomi worked for several years in the Textile industry as a freelance designer, painting original artwork and designs for the fashion and home furnishing markets before deciding to work for herself. Ms. Takahashi started Tanuki Studio in 1989 and since that time has become a leader in the field of Textile Design. Over the years she has created thousands of original designs and artwork for runway fashion, home furnishing, bedding, curtain, table top, dinnerware and accessory markets. She has primarily worked on higher-end lines for well-known designers from the U.S. to Italy, France, the UK, Germany and Japan. Her creative sensibility can be summed up as simple, soft, elegant and sophisticated. She is an expert in several hand-painting and printing techniques as well as a master in the art of colour and the creation of beautiful colour palettes.

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