Don Vaughan


Artist Biography:

Don Vaughan built an enviable reputation as one of Britain's leading landscape painters, specialising particularly in beautiful and nostalgic views of the countryside. He was born in 1916 and brought up in London, where he attended school in Chiswick, winning a scholarship to the Chiswick Polytechnic School of art from the County Grammar School. On leaving art school, he started work as a junior designer in the interior design studio of a leading London furnishing company and later, in order to gain experience, he worked for two years in a London commercial art studio. He turned freelance in 1951 and started to paint in oils, gouache and watercolours as a freelance artist in his spare time. During that period he had a one man show in Cairo and, as a successful practitioner of his art, he continued to exhibit his work in many West End Galleries in London and around the United Kingdom until his death. As an artist, Vaughan was fascinated by the changing seasons and by their effects on the English countryside. He was also inspired by the changing duties of the farmer of bygone days and by the sight of horse-drawn ploughs and carts.

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